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Hey There!
I’m Ty. I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years and my career has been spent primarily shooting advertising work for big brands (you can find all of that over at tymilford.com), but my real passion centers around shooting people in love and celebrating all of the emotion around pivotal moments in our lives. Truthfully, there’s an honesty and authenticity in shooting real couples in love that can never be matched or replicated in the make believe of advertising and that emotion is everything to me. Some have shared that my wedding work ‘doesn’t look at all like normal wedding work’ and maybe that’s a good thing? I love light and motion and energy and my style is a bit whimsical, definitely playful, often vibrantly colorful, sometimes loud and full of energy and occasionally soft and soothing. I believe the experience I provide is every bit as important as the finished product. I have an easy-going spirit, a hard-work-ethinc and an undying loving of finding and creating beauty. I thrive on good energy and building meaningful relationships. Does this sound anything at all like what you’re after? If so let’s talk!


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