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While I have come to LOVE shooting weddings, I didn't start here. My creative path has been varied and I've spent a large portion of my career shooting advertising (and you can find all of that work over at tymilford.com if you’re curious). While I love many elements around shooting commercial work, there is an honesty and authenticity in shooting real couples in love and families coming together that cannot be matched and that emotion is EVERYTHING to me.  It is truly my inspiration.

People often describe me as a calm and peaceful presence with a witty and dry sense of humor that comes out readily. I tend to think of myself as an ‘introverted extrovert,’ which just means I’m easy to be around and yet I ‘take charge when needed’ - a vibe that is largely the result of having been in the role of helping people through this process and making them feel at ease in front of the lens so to get the best end
results . . . for a long time.

what's my STORY?

and my STYLE?

I love all things design - art, architecture, lines, angles shadows and of course light.  Personally, I am happiest when I am creating, whether that be making images, designing a living space or working in my garden.  My work is documentary in approach, often infused with motion and emotion, is a bit whimsical, definitely playful, and builds off of the idea that the IMPERFECT IS PERFECT. If the wind is blowing, your hair will flow with it and we will make magical images that you could never have imagined or planned for and they will remind you forever of the specialness of your day.

I am foremost attracted to imagery that is more personal and unique to who you are and the life you lead. Building an amazing wedding gallery and telling your story is a bit like a scavenger hunt and I truly love every moment of it.  But I also don't see my role as pure documentarian.  Rather I think that art is often taking 'what is' and still imagining 'what it can be.'  Some couples have even shared that my wedding work ‘doesn’t look at all like normal wedding work,’ and maybe that’s a good thing? 


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I’m married, have two kids and am also a dog dad. I do everything I do for these people.

Need a bit more to chew on? Ok, here are 10 facts that are pretty defining elements of who I am as a person and also an artist and will help you get to know me a bit better.


Before I was a photographer, I was a professional mountain guide. Before that I got a degree in psychology, but didn’t pursue because I love being outdoors more than in. I love to travel and have been to 6 continents including both the North and South Poles (and so there’s the answer to your question around would I feel comfortable shooting your elopement in the snow.)


I favor real over pretend.  Imperfect over perfect.  Life is already incredibly beautiful as it is and a photographer's role is to see that beauty and capture it more than fabricate it.


I’m a ‘car guy.’ The higher it revs and the more it smells like gasoline the more I probably like it.


I grew up in the high desert of Northern New Mexico in ‘Georgia O’Keeffe country’ and I like to think this was one of the influences in pursuing creativity as a profession.


Texas BBQ is my kryptonite. No really, I can’t control myself around it. Please think twice before putting it on your menu.


I am not a camera nerd, but I do kind of freak out over light. Who doesn’t love the warm ‘color temps’ when the sun is low on the horizon? That said, currently I have been really into bright middle of the day light (weird right!?!), especially when there are white puffy clouds on the horizon and the blue of the sky is a bit softer and desaturated. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Technically speaking, this is a job, but I expect to have a lot of fun doing it. The best part is and has always been the people who I get to meet and the friends I make along the way.


Ted Lasso is my hero, though my kids would probably report I am more like Roy Kent.


I am a storyteller at heart. I don’t think that that word is as cliché as some might suggest. Rather I just think you need to understand what it means and how to do it well. I have always loved finding and crafting great stories and this has been a part of my commercial work since the beginning when I was documenting my mountaineering adventures for brands like Patagonia.

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