Are You A Flirt?

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What’s in the name? Glad you asked. I like to think of Flirt as an embodiment of a life well lived. I suppose literally flirt means to engage, playfully, with another – often in an amorous and interested manner. Flirt is more than that though. It’s an attitude. Maybe even a movement. Sure, when someone flirts it lets us know we have been seen and appreciated, which when you get down to it are among the most basic and vital of human needs. When someone flirts it makes us FEEL. It quickens the pulse and flushes the skin. In this way, to flirt and be flirted with, is simply to be and to feel the most alive. When you see a couple flirting at the next table you lean over to the waiter and say, ‘I’ll have what they’re having!’ That, my friends, is the spirit of Flirt.

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