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You are really where this all starts. The reason that I love sharing my creativity and shooting love stories has everything to do with creating and capturing beauty – your beauty – and then feeding off of the energy from your experience and how this beautiful work makes you feel. Truly, that’s my whole motivation. And throughout the process I’m ‘all in.’

 I realize how challenging and intimidating coordinating a wedding or even an elopement can be, so rest assured I am here to support you. I honestly love building meaningful and lasting relationships with my couples and am here for you throughout the entire process, no matter what you need. Further, I truly understand that inviting a stranger to your most special and intimate of days is not something to take lightly, so let’s get to know one another and then by the time your wedding rolls around we won’t be strangers at all.

it's all about YOU!

Before you even start looking for a photographer, it’s helpful to really think about what role this person will optimally fulfill for you. More than someone simply holding a camera, your photographer might also be your guide, your therapist, your mood board, your assistant, your vibe maker, your tie tie’er, your stylist, your timekeeper, your knowledge-base, your refreshment getter and if nothing else, the person who you will spend more time with on your wedding day than any other single person (ok, maybe aside from your partner).

But even more significantly, your choice in a photographer is also a choice in what moments you would like to remember about your special day forever.  While some favor a more controlled and posed style, others (like me!) favor capturing more natural and unscripted moments, interactions and expressions of love and beauty that happen when they are given space to happen. So get to know your options and make the right decision for you not only based upon their work, but also who they are as a person and how they make you FEEL.


Truth be told, what separates photographers is more than meets the eye.  How a photographer SEES is of course vitally important, but beyond that, the level of comfort in creating in sometimes stressful situations and 'bedside manner' are what will flavor your experience.

I will always strive to bring a calming element of ‘everything is under control,’ which to be fair, it often is and creatively solve problems in the rare instances it isn’t. I will guide you through this process of making beautiful images and putting you at ease so you can just be yourself (hey, you are an expert in that already!). Will I let you take awkward looking photos? Heck no! Will I pose you so that later you say, ‘this doesn’t really look like me’? No way! Will we make some really creative and beautiful images and then also capture all of the authentic candid moments where the laughter is bubbling or the tears are flowing and you didn’t even realize I was there shooting, which you will then cherish forever and always. YES, 100%!

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