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Wedding photography that makes you FEEL.


This consideration is really the starting and ending point to everything I do.  There are no templates.  No presets.  No predetermined formulas.  No cookies being cut with patterned cutters.  I think that life is too wonderful, varied and whimsical to attempt to fit it into a mold.  What I do and what I love is unique to me and what you do is unique to you.  Let's celebrate that specialness because it's what makes our lives so rich.

And so what you will get from me is just sincere, heartfelt connection, communication and capture of beautiful, emotive moments.  I am a creative partner for the couples I am fortunate to work and even become friends with and to me, it's all PERSONAL.

Does this sound anything at all like what you’re after?

it's all PERSONAL

Feeling.  Feeling and experiencing emotions that give our lives meaning.  And the whole point of making images is to give us all the opportunity to relive and replay experiences that stoke the fires of our emotions and remind us of important moments in our lives. 

It's so important then that the moments captured are authentic - AUTHENTICALLY YOU - so that the memories of these moments are the most true and deeply moving.  Wedding photography then is so much more than seeing.  It's all about FEELING!

My work is for the intentional.  Those who thrive in expressing their uniqueness and who challenge the status quo.  The WILD AT HEART.  Those who love to be loved, but also love vigorously and deliberately in return.  The passionate alchemists who ignite the fires and at every opportunity celebrate the powerful and rewarding gift of connection.

that's what life's all ABOUT


I’ve been a professional photographer for over 20 years and I have an incredible passion for shooting people in love and celebrating all of the emotion around pivotal moments in our lives. I have a narrative editorial style and favor the heartfelt, honest moments of beauty and candid 'in between' moments.  In my mind and heart, there is no substitute for REAL.  Some couples have shared that my wedding work ‘doesn’t look at all like normal wedding work’ and maybe that’s a good thing? I love light and motion and energy and my aesthetic is a bit whimsical, definitely playful, grounded and earthy, and that imperfect is far better than perfect. I have an easy-going spirit, a hard-work-ethic and an undying loving of finding and creating beauty.

hey - i'm TY

Flirt is more than name. It’s an attitude. Maybe even a movement. When someone flirts it lets us know we have been seen and appreciated, which when you get down to it are among the most basic and vital of human needs. When someone flirts it makes us FEEL. It quickens the pulse and flushes the skin. In this way, to flirt and be flirted with, is simply to be and to feel the most alive. When you see a couple flirting at the next table you lean over to the waiter and say, ‘I’ll have what they’re having!’ That, my friends, is the spirit of Flirt.

Flirt / flert / verb


These are all words that I believe describe my work, but they also define my outlook on the world and who I am as a person. I see the glass as at least half full. Sometimes fuller. I only seek good energy. I like to think I’m pretty easy going, thoughtful, creative and I always strive to lead with humor. I believe the experience is every bit as important as the finished product. I always try to be a step ahead. I know when to slide in and guide so to keep the wheels on the bus, but will also disappear into the shadows whenever possible so to let you truly enjoy your day.

Playful. Artful.  Emotional. Unconventional. Colorful. Heartfelt. Personal. Fun.

Don't trust me though . . .
        here's the word on the street.

His presence was the best wedding gift we could have given ourselves!!

So many photographers are exceptional at capturing life's big moments in big and beautiful ways, but very few photographers are capable of capturing the magic and specialness in the small moments in a meaningful way - Ty is a master of both. We had him with us for the three days of our wedding weekend and he managed to be both present and invisible as he captured each emotion, each small moment, each unposed glance, small gesture and little detail of the ceremony -- for us, and for our guests. Our wedding photographs aren't just pictures we'll frame on our walls, but images that have imprinted within us far after the ceremony and celebration simmered down. His presence was the best wedding gift we could have given ourselves!!


STUNNING! These will be pictures that we will cherish and look back at for a long time to come!

We had an amazing experience working with Ty and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.  He has a very calm, grounded nature about himself that makes you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.  He was also very intentional about getting to know us as a couple so to better understand  our interests and provide us with images that truly reflected who we are and our story - a quality that can be hard to find in the wedding industry.  Not only was his turn around time very quick, but we were blown away by the images he had taken.  STUNNING!  These will be pictures that we will cherish and look back at for a long time to come.  It's very clear that he has perfected his craft and understands how to connect with people to create incredible images.


The images are STUNNING! They are
authentically us and that's exactly what we wanted.

Inviting a stranger to your intimate wedding ceremony is intimidating. We were admittedly nervous at first, however, from the first call with Ty, we immediately felt at ease and found confidence in our decision to include him in our special day. Ty has a beautiful way of gorgeously capturing the important moments, while allowing space for his couples to be present in their day. He stepped in and provided direction when we were nervous in front of the camera or when he had a creative idea for an image, but at no point in the day did we feel overwhelmed or distracted. Our family and friends adored Ty too - which was an awesome bonus! Plus, it goes without saying, the images turned out STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! They are authentically us and that is exactly what we wanted. Thank you for capturing images that will help us remember all the beauty of our special day for the rest of our lives Ty!


Do We Seem Like A Match?