Color Honesty

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How do I approach the color treatment of my images?  I tend to think that life is already really beautiful just the way it is, so I suppose I like to keep the images truthful as a starting point.  That’s not to say that I don’t direct the feeling in them through processing adjustments and color treatments – I absolutely do.  This is really no different though than film stock and processing choices in the analog film days.

Ultimately I tend to find that location, weather, your aesthetic preferences, the color pallet of your wedding, time of day and several other factors will push me in a relatively clear direction as to how to treat the color adjustments.  As you scroll through my feed here or run through the Gallery on my site, however, you’ll see that there is a range of ‘looks’ and I think that’s important to note.  Sometimes we are in brights and whites.  Other times deep and saturated greens or even warm and contrasty tones as the sun drops.  Still others are filled with soft and romantic dusky moodiness.  I love it all just like I love the seasons in the year and could never pick just one.

So, whether your wedding is under the noon day sun in the heart of summer or deep in the forest during a misty drizzle, I have creative options that will make for really beautiful finished imagery.  I don’t have or offer one look, but rather use the tools I have to accentuate the honesty of where things land on your wedding day.  And most importantly, the color – however it is pushed – should express and accentuate the FEELING around your special moments and not overwhelm or overtake.


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